Lipomassage by Endermologie


Lipomassage is a localized treatment that is performed exclusively with LPG’s latest generation technology: the “Independent Motorized Rollers” (IMR). This patented technology, combined with the anatomic expertise of highly trained practitioners, ensures a remarkably efficient treatment. In as few as six 35-minute sessions, you will see dramatic improvements in your figure and improvement in your skin quality. Finally, you can eliminate the stubborn fat in those hopeless areas of your body, the ones that you once thought were impossible to lose.


Being slender is great, but maintaining proportionate curves and volume is absolutely essential. Practitioners use Roll’up to shape and beautify the physique contours, and smooth away cellulite’s dimpled appearance.


Decide where you want to lose… Your practitioner will select the skin fold that is most appropriate for your desired goals– in this case the Roll’in – to stimulate fat cell metabolism and activate fat elimination (lipolysis).


Dieting, aging and women’s life stages (ex. pregnancy, menopause, etc.) will cause skin elasticity to diminish. With Roll’out, the fibroblasts are stimulated to produce collagen and elastin for restored firmness, tone and youthful resilience.

Available in Morganville Location Only

Single Session
(without Body Suit) $150.00

Prepaid Packages of 6 or more: $125.00 a session
(Includes Body Suit)

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